This site is the most comprehensive source of information on the 1979 Erebus disaster. It is dedicated to informing others about the plane accident that took the lives of 257 passengers and crew of Air NZ flight TE901. Please take time to browse through this site and learn about the events on 28 November, 1979. About the Mt Erebus accident »


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2014 Documentary: 
Erebus - Operation Overdue

Watch the emotional and compelling true story of four police officers who went to Antarctica to recover the victims of the 1979 Air New Zealand crash that killed all 257 passengers.

“As President of the New Zealand Air Line Pilots' Association I welcome you to the EREBUS STORY  - the story of the loss of flight TE901 in the Antarctic. This site is dedicated to those lost to Erebus; our goal for this site is to ensure that the memories of those who perished are never forgotten. We have not set out to apportion blame but to show that even in the most tragic of accidents the lessons learnt eventually lead to improvements in air safety". 

Glen Kenny, NZALPA President.